Tuesday, November 28, 2006


On the Border Mexican Grill (Nov. 22nd)

(970) 663-3623
6015 Sky Pond Dr Loveland, CO 80538

***3 out of 5 stars***

What makes a good Mexican restaurant? The food, the service, the authenticity? At On the Border, they have a bit of everything. The food is good, the service is good, and is it somewhat authentic. I would describe it more as Tex-Mex than traditional Mexican cuisine.

A known chain restaurant, On the Border was very clean with lots of seating and a large bar. We went for lunch and had a few Margaritas (probably shouldn't have since I had to go back to work). The Margaritas are very good, and they have a large selection. I had the traditional Marg with salt, and I can attest that they do not use too much Sweet and Sour Mix. You must have at least one when you go, and no more than two if you are driving.

The food was very good. Start out with the "Guacamole Live". They bring all of the ingredients to your table and make the Guacamole in front of you. It was very good, and of coarse very fresh. They serve it with homemade tortilla chips.

For my meal I had a combo with a taco, a tamale and a Chili Renello. The tamale had a great Red sauce dumped over it and the renello was nice and crispy. All were very good, and it came with a large serving of beans and rice. It was more food than was exepected, so anticipate large portions.

On the Border is more than average price, but is more than your average Mexican Restaurant. Don't expect authentic Mexican, but do be careful with the Margaritas.

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