Friday, February 02, 2007


Chick-fil-A (Feb 2nd)


Unit #1888 1545 Rocky Mountain Avenue Loveland, CO 80538

***3 out of 5 stars***

A new Chick-fil-A location, this one is conveniently stationed outside of a mall setting. It is a stand alone restaurant, and has a drive through as well as dine in.

The restaurant was very busy, with business professionals, high school students, and lots of mothers with their kids. The lines moved very fast, and the food was quick to follow. The staff was incredibly friendly; even coming by to fill up our drinks. It is very kid friendly, and has a cool, fun looking play complex for the kids.

The food was pretty good for fast food fare. I ordered a chicken nugget combo, which came with 8 chicken nuggets, their famous waffle cut fries, and a large soft drink. The nuggets are my favirote since they are not formed (like the McNugget) and are natural chicken pieces. This occasion, the nuggets were very small and dissapointing. They still tasted great, but they were just not very filling. The fries were good as always. They do have a pretty decent sized menu, however it revolves around their famous chicken (don't expect hamburgers).

I would say go if you are looking for a quick, greasy meal. Located in a new mall complex, its an easy stop while doing some shopping. I find that Chick-fil-A is superior to their fast food competition. Just remember that Chick-fil-A is Mormon owned and operated and is closed every Sunday.


Revolution Donuts (Feb. 1st)

(970) 493-9655 (unsure if this is correct)
1720 W Mulberry St Ste A2 Fort Collins, CO 80521

***3 out of 5 stars***

Needing to take a morning snack into work, I always loved to stop at Daylight Donuts. When I arrived at the plaza near City Park I noticed that Daylight was no more. At some point, Daylight has closed and a new donut shop has open called Revolution Donuts.

The same location, Revolution sported a new look. They have a red and white themed decor and the place seemed a bit empty. With the neon "Open" sign lighting up the parking lot, I decided to give it a try. There were a few patrons inside, however the walls were bare and the place felt naked. The donuts seemed a bit expensive ($7.25 a dozen). They also did not seem to have the selection of donuts that Daylight once had.

I opted for two dozen, all mixed varities. The man behind the counter let me know that they had been open since November, but are just having their "Grand Opening" now. Coffee was free; courtesy of an insurance agent.

The donuts were not that popular at work, although they were generally liked. Not all of the donuts were eaten, and some were thrown away. I thought they tasted pretty good, although they did not seem great. I would say try Revolution Donuts, however don't expect them to be revolutionary.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Sullivan's Tavern (Jan. 26th)

(970) 498-9414

820 City Park Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80521

***3 out of 5 stars***

A small, college type of bar - Sullivan's is a great place to stop off for a beer after work. And that's exactly what we did this gloomy Friday afternoon.

Located near campus and a lot of college housing, the typical crowd in Sullivan's is younger students. Although its not very big, they have been known to pack the place full. On this Friday afternoon, it wasn't very busy with open tables and seats at the bar. We sat at the bar for awhile drinking cheap beer. On Friday afternoons, their Happy Hour includes Dollar Drafts (incldues microbeers). That is a great deal, and not that advertised.

After a few beers, we moved over to the pool tables to play a few games. I believe that each game is .50 cents and the tables are in fair shape. We also decided to get some food, since it smelled good and we had the beer-munchies. I have always been a huge fan of their fried pickles, and we complimented them with an order of fries. The fries were good, and the pickles were great. My roomate didn't think the pickles were as good as I did - but I really enjoy them.

The staff is very friendly, and the place was cleaner than I remember. The food was worth the price, and the place is close and cool.

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