Monday, February 12, 2007


Maya Cove (Feb. 11th)

(970) 484-0181
2100 W Drake Rd #1
Fort Collins, CO 80521

**2 out of 5 stars**

A new Caribbean-American style restaurant, Maya Cove does not yet deliver up to its promises. Located in the Safeway Shopping Center on Taft Hill and Drake, the restaurant is small and cozy in nature.

When you enter the place, you notice the bar area that is decorated with bright colors and tropical themes. The bar looks to be full service; and they have many local micro-brews on tap. We decided to sit in the dinning area in the back, which was small and bland in nature. The menu seemed to be quite expensive for such a small place. Luckily, we has a 20% off the bill coupon from a mailer, and this prompted our visit. The menu consisted of chicken, seafood, and pork that was seasoned and prepared in a Carribean style. However, this menu could be confused with a Mexican restaurant - there was little that seemed truely tropical inspired. I had the fish tacos which were great. But the rice they served had a spice that I did not like. The salad was nothing special - an obvious bag mix that was poorly chopped. My date had the artichoke dip, and while it was good it was nothing memorable (especially considering it's price was similar to a main dish and it was listed as an appetizer).

The service was fair, but could have been better considering there was lots of employees staning around. The staff was very friendly, however my date complained that the girls were dressed inappropriately wearing short shirts and low cut tops. I'm sure it wouldn't have been too big of a deal if the girls weren't high school aged.

Overall, it was okay but I don't think I'll visit again. The service needs to be improved, and the food could be larger portions for the larger price. If you go, look for coupons. There have been lots of them circulating around lately.

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