Saturday, December 30, 2006


Saddle Up Liquors (Dec. 30th)

(970) 221-3722
1015 S Taft Hill Rd
Fort Collins, CO 80521

*1 out of 5 stars*

Saddle Up Liquors is the nearest liquor store to my house, and thus it is close. And since tomorrow is New Years Eve and also a Sunday - I would have to stock up for New Years today because all Colorado Liquor stores are closed on Sundays. I decided to go to Saddle Up Liquors since it was close.

Everytime I go into Saddle Up the staff is so unfriendly and eerily quiet. The ailes in the store are crowed and the prices are a bit on the expensive side. The clerks spend most of their time doing something other than serving customers. I have seen them stock shelves when its obvious people are waiting to be ringed out. They are usually watching tv or a movie on tv and will not make contact. Today's visit warranted a 1 of 5 because the clerk never spoke to me as he was on obvious personal call on his cell phone. I just think that I deserve at least a hello and a smile is even better.

I would say go someplace else. I've never thought that Campus West was a sparkling gem of an LQ, but it sure does put Saddle Up to shame and is just down the street.

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