Friday, January 05, 2007


Jim's Wings (Jan. 5th)

(970) 493-1103
1205 W Elizabeth St Ste C
Fort Collins, CO 80521

**2 out of 5 stars**

For a Thursday night, I could not believe how many people were visiting Jim's Wings of Fort Collins. It had began snowing again, and I figured it would be a slow night for Jim's. But to my surprise, almost all of the tables were taken.

Jim is known for its wings, as I've rarely seen anyone order anything but chicken wings. You can order in multitudes of 5; most people ordering more than 20 total. When you are ordering you can choose sauce from Mild to Medium, Hot to X-hot - finishing with the hottest "The Ram Hot". You can also get BBQ or Teryaki, and I always get the X-Hot Teryaki. The wings come with lots of napkins, a plate of celery, and your choice of Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing. You can also order fries and they do serve a variety of beer. They do have a full menu with mostly deep fried chicken items (chicken strips, sandwhichs, deep fried appetizers, etc). Most people will get a pitcher of beer and an order of wings.

On this visit, we ordered 40 wings and fries for two people. They will bring your order to your table, and when they brough our order they only brought 20 wings. We let the guy know, and he said "It's too busy right now, or I would fix it. Sorry." That made us mad, and I was ready to write a really bad review. However, about 10 minutes later the same kid came over and asked what kind of wings we had ordered. In about another 10 minutes, he brought over a fresh plate of wings - just as we had ordered. That was good enough for me as mistakes happen.

Overall, the visit was good - but not great. The decor in Jim's is nothing fancy, and the service could be easily improved. When you go, try and go on a Monday night when they have .35 cent wings (up from .25 cent in previous years) and is usually the popular night to go.

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