Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Rodizio Brazilian Grill (Feb. 17th)

(303) 294-9277
1801 Wynkoop
Denver, CO 80202


****5 out of 5 stars****

Located just south of Coors field in Lower Downtown Denver (LoDo as it's called), Rodizio Brazilian Grill is one not to miss. With a hip, urban atmosphere Rodizio is nothing you've ever seen before!

Rodizio is as unique as it is simple in its premise - skewered meat served at your table. Here's how it works. Once you are seated, you are told to visit the salad bar and wait for the staff to come around with skewered meat. At the salad bar, they have a bit of everything. They have traditional salads: Ceasar, crab salad, coleslaw, etc. They also have mashed potatoes, pastas, macaroni and cheese and other side dishes. The coolest thing that they have is boiled quail eggs. I couldn't imagine having to peel these tiny wonders. They tasted somewhat similar to a boiled chicken egg with the most notable difference being the lighter yellow color of the yolk. The salad bar is of good size, and you can visit as much as you like. But after the selection of meat they will bring you - I doubt you will go back for seconds.

After hitting up the salad bar, prepare yourself for a wave of roasted meats, veggies, and fruits all carved table side. You just say "yes or no" when they ask and they will give you a bit of detail about what meat they are serving. Part of your silverware set is a pair of tongs for which you pick off the meat they just sliced for you. I got a real kick out of being served this way. The meats we indulged in included: mahi-mahi, two kinds of chicken, two kinds of pork, and many, many varities of beef (rib, beef stew, top sirloin, beef and onions, etc.) We were also treated to some rattlesnake sausage. It was okay, but nothing special as far as flavor is concerned. They also had oven roasted veggies and grilled pineapple for dessert.

The staff was very friendly, and very prompt to respond to any need. You may have some trouble getting past the thick Brazilian accents - but the food will literally speak for itself. Don't let the cost scare you (apx. $32 per person) as this is a great place for a business lunch, a night on the town, or birthday celebration.

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