Monday, December 04, 2006


Chili House (Dec. 2nd)

(970) 204-9889
4200 S College Ave # 110 Fort Collins, CO 80525

***4 out of 5 stars****

Can you take the heat? Chili House is a good Asian fushion restaurant that serves hot dishes with lots of hot chili's. If you like spicy food - then you will like the Chili House.

We went for dinner, and on a Saturday night I did not think that the restaurant was that busy. The decor is a bit over board, with crystal chandeliers and white table cloths. Most of the visitors were in tee shirt and jeans and the upper class look was unneccesary. But the food and the service was very good.

They have a special called "The Chili House Dinner." This deal is worth it. You get soup, an appetizer tray, a main entree, and fruit for dessert for about $14 (which is only a couple of dollars more than the main entrees alone). The soup was the spiciest and hottest Hot and Sour Soup I have ever had. It really cleared out my sinuses. The coolest part of the meal comes next with the appetizer tray. This tray consisted of two crab cheese wontons, an eggroll, and a shrimp toast. Each person was served their own tray, and it is also came with individual sweet and sour sauces. The wontons were very good, and would literally melt in your mouth. The eggroll was very good, and was not too greasy. It was made with a thin shell and was rolled very tightly. The shrimp toast was something new to me. It was a piece of shirmp flattened and placed onto a piece of bread before being deep fried. It was somewhat bland, but its always fun to try something new like this.

Not long after we scarffed our appetizers down, our main entrees came right out. I cannot remember the name of my dish, but it had a bit of everything. It had all of their meats (chicken, beef, pork, scallops and shrimp) with veggies in a dark sauce. It again was very spicy with lots of red chili peppers and had a very mellow flavor. It was of coarse served with rice, and they use forks over chopsticks.

Then came dessert, which was dissapointing. It was just a sliced up orange. Although it was good to get the spice out of your mouth - and I assume that is why they serve them.

Chili House is a bit pricey, but was good enough to try. I would not suggest this place if you are sensative to spicy foods. But if you love spicy foods like me, then you will throughly enjoy the burn at Chili House.

>Take out, dine in or delivery available.<

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