Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Cost Cutters (Sept 13th)

(970) 482-7594
925 S Taft Hill Rd # 7 Fort Collins, CO 80521

***3 out of 5 stars***

Being a guy, I usely get my haircut at chains like Cost Cutters. I do not have a frequented salon or a dedicated stylist. This is one of my favirote places to get my hairs clipped. The wait today was short and I sat down right away. The girl that was cutting my hair was young and did cut herself at one point. However, I ended up with a great hair cut. And she was a very friendly and talkative. I would recommend this location.

Make sure to look for Cost Cutters coupons on the backs of King Sooper's receipts. They are worth a couple of dollars; and can pay for the tip!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Dollar Tree (Sept 10)

(970) 206-4445
2721 S College Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80525

*** 3 stars out of 5 ***

This is one of my favirote Dollar Stores because it has so much to choose from. I think these kinds of stores are great for buying wrapping paper, gift bags, and other Birthday celebration materials. They even sell balloons! They are remodeling and it seems like everything was stuffed in there and it was sort of hard to walk around. From the looks of it, they have added two large refridgerators to the back of the store. One for Frozen Foods and the other for Dairy. I'm not sure what this will be like, but I'm really curious about the Dairy. Are they going to sell milk for a dollar? Anyways, the staff was friendly, althought the store could be tidier and the floor cleaner.


Printing restaurant coupons online

Printing restaurant coupons online is easier than it seems. We all have printers, and it only takes maybe 5 minutes to save money! Or you can put the coupons in a "basket" for later printing. Businesses love to see coupons because it shows that their advertising dollars are working - which is marketing at its best. You can find lots of good deals.

Here's some tips:

- If available, vistit the restaurant's website. Regardless if it is a chain or not, you can sometimes find coupons online and print before visit.

- See what specials and promotions they are running. For chains you can see specific location announcements. ie

- Sign up for "Restaurant Online Clubs". These will send you emailed coupons and information on season specials. ie.

- Remember that you can find coupons for larger events as well. ie

- You can find specific location places online for chains. ie

- One of the best ways to find coupons, is an online coupon copy. They always have updated coupons and are easiest to use. ie (This is for Fort Collins, but can be done for any City or Zip Code).

Here's some of the benefits:

It's easy to go out and eat when you can save a few bucks in the process. So get to those website and start printing coupons today!


Black Eyed Peas (Sept 10th)

(970) 226-6661
4312 S College Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80525

**** 4 out of 5 stars ****

Was very nice, although it was busy with a Sunday lunch crowd. A lot the folks in the restaurant seem to be the "After church" eaters. Started the meal off with some piping hot and fresh roles and cornbread. The cornbread was interesting because it had actual pieces of corn baked in, which was a nice surprise. I had Ranch Style Porkchops, which could have had more flavor, but they were very juicy. I believe that Black Eyed Pea makes their food without a lots of salt and pepper to cater to the older crowd. Came with a loaded baked potato (butter and sour cream).

Dinner for two people came out to about $25 bucks with tip. But I have a business card that is good for the year for 20% off, which is really nice. The staff was really nice about getting it fixed and was really good about getting drinks refilled and clearing away dirty plates. I do also enjoy a restaurant that asks if you would like a booth or a table. I prefer booths.


Applebee's (Sept 8th)

(970) 593-0655
213 E 29th St
Loveland, CO 80538

**** 4 out of 5 stars ****

Very good and promt service from the staff as usual. I had steak and mashed potatoes, which was very good. Had some kind of Mexican cheeses on top of the steak. Also had a ceasar salad on the side, and it was of a decent size. The atmoshpere was a very busy Friday lunch crowd. But food still came very fast, the staff was very on top of it.

Best part of the meal is that you can now add these "brownies bites" ass a desert. These are small brownies with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. And of coarse, lots of chocolate syrup drizzled all over the top. But, this was the best part. The price! It was only a dollar extra.

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