Sunday, September 10, 2006


Dollar Tree (Sept 10)

(970) 206-4445
2721 S College Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80525

*** 3 stars out of 5 ***

This is one of my favirote Dollar Stores because it has so much to choose from. I think these kinds of stores are great for buying wrapping paper, gift bags, and other Birthday celebration materials. They even sell balloons! They are remodeling and it seems like everything was stuffed in there and it was sort of hard to walk around. From the looks of it, they have added two large refridgerators to the back of the store. One for Frozen Foods and the other for Dairy. I'm not sure what this will be like, but I'm really curious about the Dairy. Are they going to sell milk for a dollar? Anyways, the staff was friendly, althought the store could be tidier and the floor cleaner.

Just a quick update. The dairy/frozen food section of the store is better than I expect! The food was not expired, and some things were a good deal.
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