Friday, November 03, 2006


Henry's Pub (Nov. 03rd.)

(970) 613-1896
234 E 4th St Loveland, CO 80537

****4 out of 5 stars****

Henry's is like no other place in Loveland. It has a fun laid back style and is a place to be seen. Located in historic downtown Loveland, Henry's bring in a touch of the past. I'm unsure of the history of the building, but it appears aged and has that Old West feeling with very high, decorated ceilings. The staff is very fast moving and very friendly. I believe it converts into a bar at night.

The food is very good at Henry's. Today I had fish and chips. Partly because it was Friday, and partly because they have awesome "pub fries" that are pototoe wedges that are deep fried crispy. They are very good, and I have them every time I go. I also got a "side salad" that was huge and the size a nice suprise to my hungry stomach. They always have daily specials paperclipped to the tops of the menu; and these specials change each visit. Another time I was here I had an awesome buffalo meatloaf that was very different and exciting.

Everytime I have went to Henry's it has been busy. If you go, try and go early so that you can get a booth as they fill up fast. Not too pricey and a great atmosphere with special food makes it worth a special trip to Henry's Pub in Loveland.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Yungs (Nov. 1st)

(970) 491-9778
2170 W Drake Rd
Fort Collins, CO 80521

**2 out of 5 stars**

Tired and craving Chinese food, I decided to get some delivery from Yungs. I had a menu in my catch all draw, so decided to give it a try. I just wasn't that impressed. The service wasn't very good, the person on the phone who took my order was very short and borderline rude. The delivery driver was very friendly either and seemed to hate his job.

The food was okay. I got Sweet and Sour Chicken and Mongolian beef. I consider these traditional Chinese take out food, and should be easy to make. However, the food just didn't satisfy me. The chicken was very greasy and the beef was nothing but stringy onions. I feel that a sign of a good Chinese restaurant is the eggrolls. These were soggy and very greasy without good flavor.

I would say skip Yungs restaurant and try something else. It wasn't cheap and it wasn't very good...

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Schmidt's Bakery (Oct. 27th)

(970) 667-9811
808 14th St Sw
Loveland, CO 80537

****4 out of 5 stars****

A long established restaurant and bakery in Loveland, Schmidt's is a must go. Schmidt's is mostly known as a bakery, but does also have a restaurant that serves lunch. It is German owned, and serves German inspired food. Lunch is always reasonably priced, and is always very delicious. Staff is good, and friendly.

The restaurant itself is nothing spectacular to look at, but it always packed full of people because of the food. They have authentic sandwhich, salads and soups. I had the "Ramskellar", which is my favirote and is what I get every time. It's roast beef, cheese, onions, with a spicy horseradish mustard and served on fresh baked bread. It's served with warm German Potatoe salad that is so very differnt from our pototoe salad and I just love it.

The best part of the meal is dessert. The bring a big try of their desserts, and talk about each one. They have everything from cakes to pastries to tarts. I had one called Cheries Jubilee that was white cake dipped in white chocolate and then topped with a huge cone of Cherry whipped cream and topped with a white chocolate covered cherry. It was awesome.


Battle of the Haunted Houses (Oct 27th)

I-25 & Hwy 34 (The Outlets in Loveland)
5661 McWhinney Blvd #D-270
Loveland, CO 80538

****4 out of 5 stars****

I love Halloween and I love going to haunted houses. So I was thrilled to find out that there was a competition between two haunted houses in the same location for one price. One haunted house was called Scream Theme Studios' "Destination Terror" and the other one is called Nocturnal Nightmares' "Dark Descent".

There was not a very long line when we got there, lots of high school kids. We decided on "Dark Decent" first. I won't go into the details of the house, but this one was very fun, very loud, and more blood filled than the other. The ending is awesome, and did have a few scares. The girls in our group were horrified.

"Destination Terror" was next, and had a bit longer line. I would guess that the way they lay it out creates a longer line. This one was more verbal ques, and was a lot darker in some areas. Watch out for the little kids, they are unexpected. The ending to this one not that scary, but very cool.

Overall, I liked "Dark Decent" better because it was louder and had more scares. But both were very fun, and I really enjoyed the competitive spirit that drove the creativity. There is also a "Laser Maze" that is included and is a must try. It has a bunch of lazers that you are suppose to jump over and duck under in a timed race. I did terrible, but had fun trying it.

The competition is located in the Loveland Outlet malls, South End. The entrance fee is $17 a person, and includes all three events.

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