Monday, January 08, 2007


Summit Subs (Jan. 7th)

(970) 221-5557
925 S Taft Hill Rd Ste 2
Fort Collins, CO 80521

***3 out of 5 stars***

A typical Sub shop, Summit left little to be remembered. I had never tried Summit before, and I'm not sure I will try it again. It was simply "okay".

Having a lazy Sunday, I decided to order Summit Subs. I found a menu in my junk coupon drawer, and decided to give it a try. I ordered a "Jamican Jerk Chicken" Footlong sub that had lettuce, spicy chicken, tomatoes, and ranch on a wheat roll. The service was very good, as the person on the phone was nice and the guy delivering was fine too (I did give him a good tip for getting through all of this snow). But the sandwhich was typical, and not memorable. The menu is typical for a sub shop and offers nothing special or different. The sandwhich itself was too much bread that was overly toasted. They talked a lot in the menu about their "fresh baked bread" but that freshness is lost in the over toasting. The tomatoes were hard and the iceburg letter was too much. The chicken was okay, but seemed more like spicy BBQ sauce than a true Jamican Jerk. I found the prices to be on the expensive side, and they do charge a .50 cent surcharge for delivery.

Overall, I can't criticize Summit - just that it was boring, bland, and nothing special. Although I consider it better than Silvermine Subs - there are better sub shops in town. Summit is only open until 9 pm, and thus is not an option for post-bar munchies.

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