Monday, May 08, 2006


Tony's Bar (May 7th, 2006)

(970) 484-6969
224 S College AveFort Collins, CO 80524

**** 4 out of 5 ****

Despite its often poor reputation, I'm a frequent visitor to Tony's. For a Sunday night, the bar was quite busier than expected. Although an off night, the bar still had great drink specials. The thing that gets me to keep comming back to Tony's is the service. No matter how busy they are, you will not wait long to get a drink. That is a rarity in Fort Collins, especially in the downtown area.

I agree, with over ten years in Fort Collins I have always found the service and cocktails at Tony's to be top notch. There bad reputation seems to be a left over from rowdy days past. Now almost exclusivly a college hangout.
Thanks for the comment and make sure to come back often. I update this blog all the time...
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