Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Saigon Grill (Sept 26th)

(970) 416-9722
755 S Lemay Ave Ste D3
Fort Collins, CO 80524


***3 out of 5 stars***

Spicy yet subtle, the Saigon Grill is a hidden gem of Fort Collins. The food is a collision of Chinese and Thai - with lots of spice and many sweet dishes. Although small, the Saigon Grill provides an intimate atmosphere with a detail to service.

Not busy during a dinner crowd, the restaurant was still filled with exotic smells. We started our meal off with some Chicken Rice soup. I found this to be the least interesting part of the meal, as the soup was generally bland and could have easily came right out of a can. We were very dissapointed that we could not substitute soups, even for extra money. The egg rolls that came next were divine. These were not the traditional egg rolls, but more of a tight rolled Vietnamese style. And they were delicious. Our meals were very interesting. I had Basil Shrimp, which was spicy and covered with a thick Basil sauce. If you don't care for strong flavor, I would suggest passing this one. I really enjoyed it, as was displayed with my empty plate. My companion had Pineapple Beef. This had a mix of Oriental vegetables, pineapple and thinly sliced beef with a very sweet and spicy sauce. It was very good, and an unusual treat.

I would suggest visiting Saigon Grill if you open minded to new foods, and enjoy spicy food. The egg rolls are great, and are a must with any visit.

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