Sunday, October 15, 2006


Coopersmith's (Oct. 13th)

(970) 498-0483
5 Old Town Sq
Fort Collins, CO 80524

****4 out of 5 stars****

Coopersmith's plays a pivotal role in the downtown Fort Collin's scene. For this visit, we were on the Pool Hall side of Coopersmith's celebrating a friends birthday. Coop's was very busy for a Friday afternoon and had the staff scrambling to serve the patrons. They could have used more staff to accomodate everyone.

However, they have great beer. If you have never been to Coopersmith's they only sell their own on site produced mico-beers. And they all kinds from darks to wheats to nutty and fruit flavors - they have a beer for everyone. They do not carry any other brands of beer, although they do have a lot of spirits on hand. We ordered some nachos which were good. Others had pizza which looked very good.

They have lots of pool tables and Coopersmiths is a lot of fun. Make sure to stop by next time you are downtown.

I would agree that Coopersmiths is up there on my list of places to go. A game of pool is always fun (if you can get a table--somedays they are pretty crowded). Often, I find myself on the pub-side endulging in their delectable food. Yes the beer is quite good, but if you are there for food, check out the Drewtaki Tuna Burger, The Cooper Burger (add dill havarti--you won't be dissapointed), or, if you are really hungry, the shepards pie (i believe--it could be called cottage pie). Other than that, they have one of, if not the latest serving times of any "sit down" restaraunts in Fort Collins, offering their late night menu till 11:00 on weekdays.
I didn't realize that they were open that late on weekdays. Will have to check that out sometime soon. Thanks for the comment.
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