Sunday, October 08, 2006


Homecoming Parade (Oct. 7th)

Near Colorado State Campus
Fort Collins, CO 80521

***3 out of 5 stars***

Not having been to a parade in what feels like years, I forgot how much fun they can be and how long they can become. We arrived on Laurel street just as the parade was heading down the street. There was a decent sized crowd grouped on both sides of the street.

There was all kinds of floats and participants in this parade. Of course, you had lots and lots of schools marching. This ranged from Pre-School to College groups and there was lots of Marching Bands. There was even a Marching Band from South Dakota! There were also horses, women doing Jazzersize, and people dressed in scary costumes that scared the kids. There was a nice array of beautiful classic cars going all the way back to the Ford Model T. Most of the floats were giving away candy, although the free stuff ranged from calanders to magnets to balloons. Most of the free stuff went to the kids who were thrilled with it. We were near the College of Business and that is where the annoncers were. My only complaint about the parade itself is that it was 3 hours long! I wish it could have went faster and been less long.

My biggest complaint came with the end of the parade. This is when the political groups walk. First was the democrats. They had a lot of people and everyone was cheering. Angie Paccione was there walking and would come over and say hi to people. This is the second time I've seen her at an event like this. Then came the Republicans. They were less in number, and not passing anything out that I saw. Marilyn Mussgrave had a crew and she was not present. This caused the crowd to boo including my party. Apparently angry at our booing, one member of the Musgrave party turned to us and flipped us off. We had children with us, and were shocked that she would do this. If I may be political - this just shows how far the Musgrave party will go to win. So please vote for Angie Paccione.

This free and overall fun event is worth a visit every year! And the best part? CSU defeated UNLV 28-7!

It was very fun!! I was standing right next to the judges and so all the bands played right there! How exciting. I was happy to see the turn out and spirit from the junior high groups, and many of my friends helped build and were on the Lesher JHS float!
You should send the Musgrave bit to the Coloradoans' Thumbs Up/Down feature.
Glad you had fun.

You're right, maybe I should send it to the paper.

Thanks for posting comments. It's what keeps the system working.
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