Sunday, October 08, 2006


Vault (Oct 6th)

(970) 484-0995
146 N College Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80524

*1 out of 5 stars*

For a hip, modern bar located in Fort Collins, Colorado - the Vault has potential that it just cannot deliver. The bar is housed in an old bank building, centered by the main vault of the bank. Thus, you can now see why it is called Vault. The bar is relatively dark, with large ceiling and a historic feeling. The walls are constantly changing, as modern art adorns the walls as if it is an art gallery and not a bar. I do like the atmosphere.

However, it was incredibly hot in there on Friday night. To the point that we had to hang out back with the smokers. It was misserable. The other problem was that it was taking forever to get a drink at their tiny bar - which people were packed around desperate to get a drink and contributing to the heat situation. The drinks weren't great and there was not any good specials. It took over 15 mins for one friend of mine to receive her tab.

The bathroom situation is also a mess. There are always lines for both men and women and lie in a tiny hallway that leads to the back area. So there is always a traffic jam. This is because the bathrooms are far too tiny for a bar that size. The owners really need to address this issue and maybe get rid of the game room to make room for acceptable sized bathrooms!

I would suggest skipping the Vault. There is plenty of cool and cheap bars in the downtown area that Vault is not necessary to visit. If you are interested in the art, go during the day when it will be less hot and you will pay less for a drink.

A quick note on the vault.

Three years ago or so it was decent. Now, the place always smells (I thought it was a fluke), the service is horrible as noted (even on slower evenings), and it generally feels run-down. So, you pretty much covered all the bases.
Thanks for the comment. Glad I'm not the only one. Come back again soon, as your feedback helps makes this site work!
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