Friday, November 17, 2006


East Moon Asian Bistro (Nov. 14th)

(970) 416-8333
1624 S LeMay Ave,
Fort Collins, CO 80525

*****5 out of 5 stars*****

My mouth is watering just thinking about it. East Moon is a great little Bistro that is unlike anything in Fort Collins. It's hip, cheap, and a very trendy atmosphere. Located in an out of the way strip mall, the East Moon more than lived up to my expectations.

Inside its very bright, with a lot of large stylish lamps haning from the ceiling. Their is a large bar and sushi bar to your right, and a dinning area to your left. They have lots of specials posted as you enter, and it appears that their menu changes frequently. We wanted to try both their entree's and their sushi; so we had sushi for an appetizer and also each had an entree of our choice. We had a Dragon roll and a California roll. Since the restaurant was pretty full, I figured we would be in for a long meal. I figured it would take a few minutes before receiving our sushi. Like clockwork, about 10 minutes after placing our order; our sushi arrived at the table. It was very good, and tasted very fresh.

After we finished our sushi, it was not long before our main entree's came out. I had the Kung Pao Chicken, and my date had another kind of chicken dish. Mine was very good, and it was a very large portion. They bring out a tray like plate that is filled with all kinds of fun stuff. The rice was molded onto each one of our plates differently (she had a star, I had a heart) and topped with a cherry. It was fun having a hot cherry before starting my meal (no comments please). It was also plated with a very artistic radish rosette - my date kept hers - and very cleverly sliced orange. She was keeping it to show some family and friends (no comments please).

Overally, it was a great meal. The staff was very fast moving, and the meal was very reasonably priced. The sushi was great, and the main meal was great. If you have not tried it yet, please do yourself a favor and go!


I have always liked East Moon for Chinese takeout, and was eager to try the dine-in experience. I was also excited to try their sushi. Both disappointed on my 9/14/07 visit.

The sushi we were served was not fresh. The spicy tuna had a distinctly fishy taste, the salmon was oddly translucent and yellowish-tan in color, and the seaweed had an odd crispness to it. I was concerned that we could become sick and we returned our three rolls to the chef largely uneaten. Management was not only unapologetic about the poor quality of the fish, but very rude as well.

My sister and I found the dining area chilly and, despite colorful and funky decor, surprisingly without ambience -- none of the candles on the tables were lit, and children were roaming the dining area. The adult contemporary music on the overhead speakers did not help the mood.

The Chinese elements of our meal were good, but not enough to overcome the negative aspects of our experience. I will not return to East Moon to dine-in, and, after the treatment we received, will not order takeout either. Don't chance your health at East Moon Asian Bistro!
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