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Elliot's Martini Bar (Nov. 11th)

(970) 472-9802
234 Linden St
Fort Collins, CO 80524

** 2 out of 5 stars**

Looking for a change of pace, and going downtown anyways - we decided to visit Elliots for a few drinks. When we arrived there was a long line, that was slow moving. But the guy at the door was very nice, and did apologize.

Once inside, it didn't take that long to receive a drink which was nice considering how busy it was. I tried a Cosmopolitin, and did not enjoy it that much. It wasn't what I was expecting, but I am no martini expert. A friend of mine who visits often got a "Helvis" which is similar to a Bloody Mary (tomato juice, vodka, tabasco, and olives). However, he had to ask for a new one because there was so much tabasco that he could not drink it. The bartender just added some more tomato juice and it was still unbarrable so he complained about it again. The bartender seemed very put off by this, but reluctantly made him a new one.

After my Cosmo, I decided to get a Rum and Coke. This was again a strange mix, as there was far too much rum and too little Coke and it was not mixed well. I was not impressed with it or the service we received. We could tell that they were talking about us as they were talking at the end of the bar and would laugh in our direction. It was not necessary, as we were very nice except for returning one drink.

If you like martini's, then you don't have many options in Fort Collins except for Elliot's. I would say visit, but make sure to know what you are getting yourself into. Don't say I didn't warn you!

There are tons of choices for Martinis. Jay's Bistro has some of the best. Poppy's has also done good by me.
Thanks for the advice. I have not tried a martini at Jay's and have not visited Poppy's yet. I have been meaning to check Poppy's out since I've heard good things. Make sure to come back soon.

Just wanted to include a comment made on my myspace page (Northern Colorado Reviews MySpace Page
I have never had anything other than a positive experience at Elliot's Martini Bar in the Fort! What a suprise to hear that your time was less than perfect.

I lived in the Fort for almost 9 years, and have travelled extensively throughout the US as well as lived in Europe and travelled there. Elliot's has provided me with the most delicious and intriguing martinis, under a staff that is personable, interesting, and eager to develop the latest and newest martini to tickle one's fancy. The infamous bartender Tobin, in fact, worked hard on developing a special espresso-flavored martini consisting of equal parts VanGogh's Espresso Vodka, Grey Goose Vodka, and in a glass rinsed with Frangelico. He would then drop in three espresso beans from the local co-op, just for flair.

Tobin's partner behind that shiny postmodern bar is Tony, who is the grandmaster of The Perfect Bloody. His Bloody Mary is a lyrical tomato-based extravaganza.

Give Elliot's another try and settle into their cheese and olives, or their warm cheesy crab dip... and sip a magestic hand-crafted martini while you're at it. Let a smile come to your lips and know that your amongst Fort Collins' finest!


Posted by Tina the Bold on Monday, November 13, 2006 at 5:32 PM
I have had both good and bad service there. I did like the martinis I've had there and the appetizer was really good. I also like the fact that they play movies on the tv instead of sports.
--Andy from Fort Collins
I couldn't even begin to spell it, but ask for a "McCale's Cousin's in Town"--maintaining a characteristic taste of coffee--a mix of vanilla and chocolate vodka's. It's excellent. Other than that, I've hear the Tonyrita's are excellent. Some of the creamier martini's are something to experience as well. I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience (I've never hear anyone complain about too much alcohol in their drink!). I agree with your statement about looking out for what you are getting into; as for me, I try not to get too blasted there as their drinks to maintain a hefty price, though well worth it. On the slow nights, get to know a bartender and, being the staff it is, they will most likely recognize you from there on out and will be able to tailor their catering more specifically to your needs. I, too, would recommend that you give them another shot.

Too many places in town do the "not enough alcohol in the drink" thing, so Elliot's is someplace to go if you hate that (hence the "too much Rum in my Rum & Coke" experience...I like too much Rum personally!) Also, the espresso-flavored martini is super-delicious! If you want Rum & Coke, or a Bloody Mary, why would you go to a Martini Bar? That being said, this is a good place to go if you want Martinis, not ordinary run-of-the-mill drinks. The service can be good or bad, but I've had mostly positive experiences with the service.
It sounds like Tina the BOLD is sleeping with one of the workers or is one herself and for the girl who says she gets too much alcohol in her drinks can I suggest a fruit somthing tini or a wine cooler maybe a Zima. Eliot's like any other place has night when it shines and when it doesn't. And can someone tell me why trying a different place in town is so bad. Is there some kind of frequent flyer program that gets you free martinis? Another reason I will try another place is because dam I am a fan of mojitos.

Tommy here, one of the bartenders that night. I remember you guys, specifically because of the word 'Tobasco'. Scotty and I weren't laughing at you, we were teasing each other about the recipe for the Helvis. He doesn't use Tobasco, but I do. He was teasing me for having to remake your drink, but was not pissed at you. We have a good time behind the bar, and we laugh a lot, and make fun of each other. My apologies if it appeared that you were the butt of the joke.

As for the complaint about the drink being too strong, yeah man we do like to pour 'em heavy. Thanks for letting that secret out. ;) We also have Bacardi in our well, which probably has a stronger flavor than the well rums you might be used to getting at most bars. Sorry you were dissatisfied with it, but honestly, it seems like a strange complaint to me. I loves me my booze.

Don't like the taste of booze? You should have perused our menu for the huge selection of imported (and domestic) beers. We've got some incredible Belgiun beers that Tony picked out, along with several constantly changing Odells, New Belgium, and Left Hand microbrews. Or if you're weird like me, you just drink Bud Light or Corona. ;)

You know, we're not really as fancy as you might think, you can just come in and have a beer, you don't have to pretend like you're a hardcore martini drinker. I rarely drink martinis, and I work at the martini bar!

Anyhow, thanks for the review, although partially negative, it is still free advertising! And also, thanks to all the commenters who related their positive experiences.

And lastly, I would like to add that Jay's is badass. I've never been to Poppy's though. I suppose I should go.

~Tommy Ray
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