Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Jason's Deli (Nov. 12th)

(970) 204-9203

1538 E Harmony Rd
Fort Collins, CO 80525

****4 out of 5 stars****

Out shopping on a Sunday, Jason's Deli was a perfect choice. They have something for everyone, and a huge menu selection. They have everything from a large salad bar, soup, sandwhiches, desserts, and more!

When you first walk into Jason's Deli, you will immediately notice their large assortment of foods along their salad buffet. It will draw your attention in to see what they are having today (this is what I did). I decided to get a bowl of soup, and try out the salad buffet. They have many, many soup choices (atleast a dozen) and they all are very good. I had Chicken noodle, and my company had Brocolli and Cheese. Both were very good, but after seeing people get their Chicken Pot Pie stew, I regretted my choice. It's a large bowl of hardy soup topped with a bisquit and its what most people were getting.

The salad bar is huge! It has everything - so even a picky eater could be satisfied. They start out with two kinds of salad, a big array of toppings (veggies, dressings, cheeses, hot peppers, etc). Then they have lots of pasta and potato salads. There are also desserts, crackers, bread, and their special muffins.

Jason's Deli does catering and has lunch and dinner. They are pretty cheap, and worth a visit.

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