Saturday, November 18, 2006


KFC (Nov. 18th)

(970) 484-5036
2140 W Elizabeth St
Fort Collins, CO 80521

**2 out of 5 stars**

KFC is one of those evil vices that you know you shouldn't eat, but can't help yourself. It's fried and greasy, and I just love it every now and then. But even though I know better, I am always disappointed in the quality of the food.

For lunch this day, I hit the drive through and got some chicken strips and potato wedges. This was a meal deal, so it came with a Pepsi. Looking back, I wish I had purchased their normal orginal recipe instead of their strips. The strips were very greasy, did not seem fresh, and had way too much batter on them. Hindsight is always 20/20. The potato wedges also seemed like they were made over an hour ago and have been resting under a heat lamp for this time. The meal came with honey mustard.

I am convinced that there must be a better Kentucky Fried Chicken than the one on Elizabeth. But I keep going there because its close to my house and I'm hungry for a greasy meal. I would say skip this KFC. But if you know of a good one, please let me know.

That place is freaking horrible. They never even leave the OPEN sign on and they take forever to bag up premade stuff.
KFC should stand for Kentucky Fucking Crap. The colonel is rolling in his grave.

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