Sunday, November 19, 2006


McDonald's (Nov. 19th)

(303) 651-9608

10863 W I25 Frontage Rd
Longmont, CO 80504

***3 out of 5 stars***

Every year McDonald's comes out with their "McRib" Sandwhich. We were on our way home from Denver, and needed to stop for a restroom break and sometimes McDonald's is the easiest place to stop. Well after a visit to the restroom, I was drawn in by the smells of their fries. I wouldn't be surprised if they pump the smell into the bathrooms to draw in visitors like ourselves.

I couldn't help myself, so I decided to give the McRib sandwhich a try. It's been a long time since I've had one, and they are exactly what a I remember. I believe that its made from mechanically seperated pork (correct me if I am wrong) and formed into a rib shaped patty. Then it is cooked, and soaked in Mickey D's own BBQ sauce with onions and pickles on a longer seasame seed bun. It was very good, especially considering we were coming back from a party where I had been drinking (not driving of coarse). The fries were also very good, and very fresh. That is my biggest complaint about Fast Food fries is that they are not fresh and overly salted to hide that fact.

If you have never endulged and had a McRib sandwhich - do yourself a favor and go and get one. The McRib is part of American Pop Culture and shouldn't be missed when its on the menu.

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