Monday, November 06, 2006


Safeway (Nov. 4th)

(970) 484-6048
2160 W Drake Rd # 6
Fort Collins, CO 80526

***3 out of 5 stars***

I always have a terrible time grocery shopping. Partly because I am a man and party because I never have a game plan. But like it or not, I must go to the grocery store like everyone else.

I like the Safeway on Drake because it is close, the parking lot is never hectic (like Walmart or King Soopers), and the line inside are not outrageous. I will let you debate about which grocery chain is cheaper, but for me - its about convenience.

I went into the store, knowing that I need everything - but not sure what to get. The staff is very friendly, and many stopped me to ask if I was finding everything okay. I was just confused by what to buy, not where in the store to find it. But eventually I made through and guess I turned out okay (although I know now that I forgot some stuff - D'oh!). The store is laid out so that shopping is easy and the ailes are wide and comfortable to maneuver.

If you don't already have one, make sure to get the "Club Card" (and this goes for any grocery chain). You just save so much money with one that it is worth the 5 extra minutes. I saved over $20 with my Safeway card.

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