Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Woody's Wood Fired Pizza (Nov. 19th)

(970) 482-7100
518 W Laurel St
Fort Collins, CO 80521

***3 out of 5 stars***

With the Bronco's playing on a Sunday night, I enjoy hitting up a bar or two and watching the game. It is so much more exciting to watch the game at bar with drunks than watching it from home. Woody's is a great place to drink, eat, and watch the game.

Woody's is all about its Wood Fired pizza. It gives the pizza a smokey flavor that is unique to all of Northern Colorado. You can get individual pan size pizzas or pies big enough for the whole family. However, it is most popular to get their Pizza Buffet. The Pizza buffet is a large assortment of all kinds of pizza. They have everything from plain old pepperoni to many unique specialty pizzas. A few of the specialty pizzas that I enjoyed had names such as Taco Pizza, Greek Pizza, and Buffalo Pizza. The Taco Pizza has taco seasoning, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, and is topped with crunched up taco shells. It was very spicy and very good. The Greek Pizza has a white sauce and topped artichokes, olives, feta, and chicken. It was very rich, but good enough for a second slice. The Buffalo pizza is my favirote. It's Franks Red Hot Sauce with chicken, jalepenos, and lots of cheese. It tastes more like a buffalo wing than a pizza. You can also request the pizza chef to cook any pie that you please. In addition to the Pizza Buffet, they also have an optional Soup/Salad Bar which is a normal selection of salads and sides and their famous Beer Cheese Soup (a must try).

They had lots of drink specials at the bar and the bar staff was very friendly and talkative. I had a very good Bloody Mary and we all bucked up and had a Car Bomb. Overall it was a good experience, and I would suggest going. I liked it enough that I will be going back more often.

I love woodys!!

good stuff. we ordered it @ band camp this summer and snuck out of the dorms to pick it up. :D
Woodys is good because they will get creative and make whatever kind of pizza you want. One of the only problems I have with this place is that the crowd is sometimes can I say "bikeresk".

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