Monday, December 18, 2006


Armadillo Restaurant (Dec. 13th)

(970) 493-4440
354 Walnut St
Fort Collins, CO 80524

**2 out of 5 stars**

Already having had Mexican Food this week (see Tortilla Marissa review of 12/11), I was afraid I was heading for overkill with another Mexican restaurant. However, both restaurants are very different.

The Armadillo is in downtown Fort Collins, and can be a good change of pace from the typical downtown fare. They are never very busy, and have great downtown parking. I will often go in and have a drink or a bite to eat just for the spot. They are never very busy, and it tends to be a very dark and quiet and comfortable environment.

We started out with Margarita's that were okay, although they are too heavy on the Sweet and Sour Mix. The salt on the rim was also table salt, which gave the drink a cheap look. However, they tasted good enough for me to have two. Their chips and salsa are very good - with the salsa finely pureed and the chips salty.

The meal was pretty good. I tried something new and had a stuffed soapia - it had ground beef and beans inside. I wasn't sure what to expect, but when it came out it was this huge pasty stuffed with beans and beef and topped with green chile. It came with rice and beans, and was a huge portion. The soapia was not greasy as I would have guessed and had a very deep flavor, which was very satisfying. My compadre had a Burrito Supreme which was a half order and was huge.

The service was good, and very prompt. Armadillo is a great downtown alternative to the Rio, and you will not have to wait for a seat. Also, the parking is A +.

Years ago, when my husband worked in Fort Collins, he was so fond of Tortilla Marissa's and went there so often that they sent him a Christmas card every year. Good food. Efficient service. Nice people.
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