Sunday, December 10, 2006


Vern's Place (Dec. 10th)

(970) 482-5511
4120 West County Road 54g
Fort Collins, CO 80535

****4 out of 5 stars****

A staple of Northern Colorado, Vern's is a fun place to stop off for breakfast. I have always heard people talk of Vern's, but today was my first visit. And I can promise you, I will be back.

It kind of reminded me of a Dirty Spoon Diner. It's nothing fancy, but will satisfy any picky palate. The walls are covered in taxidermied animals like Bears, Elk, and of coarse Jack A Lope's. If you are offended by such displays, do not go as they cover the walls from every angle and include just about every native Colorado animal.

They have a decent sized menu, and the price is really great. They are known for their Giant Cinnamon Rolls (2.45 each) and are huge. The rolls are a meal in and of themselves. We didn't try one, but they are monsters. For the price, they serve up big portions. I had steak and eggs, and it was very good. The steak was cooked correctly and came with three eggs, hashbrowns and toast. The coffee was good, and I downed 3 or 4 cups. I always think that a sign of a good breakfast place is its coffee.

Our waitress was a bit of ditz, and could have done a better job. Our glasses were always empty, and we had to hunt her down for a refill. But the food came out quickly, so eating kept our mouths shut.

Vern's would be a great place to take the kids, and they do serve lunch and dinner as well. They also serve beer and wine - but limit you to a two drink maximum. If you are on your way to or from the Poudre Canyon, stop off for a bite. You won't be dissapointed.

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