Wednesday, February 07, 2007


What review would you like to see?

I am always getting all kinds of offers, but knowing my unorganized style I never write them down. Leave me a comment for any restaurant, business or show that I should visit. And tell me why. I won't promise that I will make it, but if I don't know about it - I'm sure not to review it.



What do you think of the Swing Station in LaPorte?
any small or out of the way mom & pop place..
beaver's market ??..
they'll still cut you a 1" thick new york strip right off the beef quarter while you watch..

guess you missed reviewing Bruce's didn't you..:)

trailhead bar downtown ??
the gay drunken monkey ??
ye olde washington's ??
I personally do not see a point in rating any of the bars in Fort Collins, unless you were to rate their food. Generally, bars attract a certain type of crowd; if you are not fond of that crowd, you will typically not go to said place. Again, if you were to rate the food, this would be a different scenario. (The "gay" reference seemed to indicate reference to the scene, not the food, as I have yet to experience gay food. I will, however, agree that the Drunken Monkey would be the last place you could ever find me in Fort Collins).
I disagree with the posts...while bars do attract certain crowds, it is not the crowd that should be reviewed. Rather the prices, speed and knowledge of the bar staff, etc. Yeah I may dislike certain bars patrons but what about there services? I would like to see all the bars in old town reviewed.
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