Friday, March 09, 2007


Runza (March 9th)

(970) 669-2131

2204 N Lincoln Ave
Loveland, CO 80538

***3.5 out of 5***

A Nebraska favirote, Runza's are hard to find but worth the effort. They have the best Krautburgers around.

Located on the main drag in Loveland, Runza is tucked into the side and can be easy to miss. So be sure to Mapquest it before you go. You can also find one in Fort Collins in the Sunflower Marker Shopping Center.

Runza is known for its krautburgers which have cheese, hamburger, cabbage all wrapped up in a fresh baked pocket. If you have never had one - try one! They are much better than most people would guess. They also have a wide array of hamburgers and hot dogs, french fries and onion rings.

The staff was very friendly and the place was packed on a Friday. I would suggest Runza to anyone looking for a quick hot meal that is differnt and will provide a change of pace.

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