Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Taco Bell Food Poisoning on Elizabeth!

What's with the Taco Bell on Elizabeth? I try not to go there because its become terrible food and terrible service - not to mention it took Taco Bell 5 years to fix the enormous pot hole out front (did you notice the city put up a sign saying its a private drive and not call the city to complain)? So I went yesterday afternoon about 5 and there was a huge line. I've gotten stuck in that line before so I decided to zip inside and get my food thinking it will be quicker. I was wrong, my receipt said 5:21 and I received my food at 5:40. I was not the only one with this idea as everyone was sitting around waiting. The store was dirty with napkins all over the place and food particles like cheese and lettuce all over the floor. They finally finally called my number and I grabbed my food and some sauce and went out the door. When I got home the food was thrown into the bag and was just thrown together. The hard shell taco shells were broken and looks like they had been sitting around for a long time because the grease from the meat had penetrated not only the shell but also the wrapper and grease was everywhere. Since these were special tacos they had sour cream on them which is what I believe may have made me sick. But overall the whole meal was greasy, the beans were hard and old, and was of poor quality. I'm a big boy and I was hungry after working in the yard all day so I did eat some of the food. I wish that I hadn't. So far today I've had the cold sweats, the chills, the shakes, the sh!ts, the runs (been through two double rolls of TP), had a consistent fever, and threw up a couple times projectile style through my mouth, nose, and tear ducts. I've called the store to complain only to be put on hold by a girl that had an "i don't give a sh!t attitude" that she clearly obtained while getting her GED in her twenties. I eventually hung up and called the corporate number to also be disconnected when leaving a voicemail for the manager. The only good thing I can say is that I'm feeling thinner today and have learned to never, ever go to the Taco Bell on Elizabeth regardless of how drunk, high, or hungry I am and suggest the same for everyone else!

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